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IDEAS – Inspiring Design and Art Scene

eISSN : 2821-3629

IDEAS is the official eBook for Redefine by UiTM bi-annually event. IDEAS is to inspiring the next generation. Formerly well-known as Redefine catalogue. IDEAS is the upgrading version. It is a continuous compilation of fresh graphic design great idea, graphic designer database, and academic articles by the Final Degree Student of Graphic Design Department, College of Creative Arts, , UiTM Perak.


No 01, Vol 01, Mac 2022 : Beyond

No 01, Vol 02, Oct 2022 : Omnific

No 02, Vol 01, Mac 2022 : Coming Soon


Redefine is a bi-annually design & art scene event, organized by the graphic design degree student from the Graphic Design Department, College of Creative Arts , UiTM Perak. This event includes, live performance, virtual showcase, online streaming, webinar, seminar, competition, art market and art sharing.

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